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A Mower Designed For Your Garden

At Mowbot we understand how much time and effort you put into making your garden look right. So when we launched the Mowbot range we knew exactly what was missing from all other robot mowers on the market: customisation. Now, with Mowbot you can choose the colour of your robotic lawnmower. Make a statement or blend in? It's your mower. Your choice. 

MOWBOT Features

Revolutionise The Way You Mow

Make A Statement

Fully customise and personalise the way your Mowbot looks. For an additional cost, we'll wrap your Mowbot in a high quality, UV protecting vinyl wrap. The only limit is your imagination. 

Environmentally Friendly

The Mowbot is environmentally friendly. Without the need for petrol, the Mowbot runs entirely without the need to emit carbon emissions, protecting the planet without the noise and smell of dangerous petrol fuel.

Quick To Install

The Mowbot is quick to install and set up. With virtually no tools required, the Mowbot is quick, simple and easy to use and install. With only a single boundary cable to mark out the edge of the lawn set up is easy and straight forward.

Bluetooth Control

Connect your phone to the Mowbot App (IOS and Android) using the in-built Bluetooth on the Mowbot. Use the app to control the Mowbot's mowing duration, time of mowing and return to home settings.


Expertly Engineered By Cobra Garden Machinery


For Gardens Up To 400 M²

From £599.99


For Gardens Up To 800 M²

From £699.99